Friday, April 29, 2011

Update 29: The Joy of Giving

Hello MilMonauts,

The time has come for a new update! This time it's all about new clothes for the girls, medals for gifting and special 'boxes'! Let me introduce the fantastic Lock Box! This is an item that can be found all over the MilMo Universe. It's a mystery what's inside, the only sure thing is that it will be a surprise every time!The keys to the Lock Boxes can be found in the Cash Shop.

The golden boxes are the rarest ones, then the silver, the blue, the green and finally the red one, which is the most common.

Every time you open a Lock Box you have the chance of getting a valuable reward such as weapons or other cool items. Another box is the Mystery Box. This one contains 1-2 random items from the Cash Shop or in-game shops. 

Receive cool Homes items for gifting other players!

Another big improvement is the medal track for giving gifts other players. If you give one gift you get the magical golden lamp. Three gifts gets you the mighty shield, six ones the magical fountain and finally, ten gifts will award you the hoovering dragon head. All these items can be placed in your Home. Sweet!

Dressed to kill. No, literally!
It's finally possible to buy new summery tops and bikinis for your girl avatar.  We've also made some adjustments to Membership-prices and Telepod packages. To wrap up our little shop overhaul we made the popular Bounce berries and Rocket berries available in handy single-berry packages! 

Stay tuned!



Monday, April 18, 2011

MilMo's Voucher System

Hello players,

As a community manager at the official MilMo forum, I get a lot of questions about the game. So I've decided to put together a blog-post about the most common questions. If you need help with your game, I recommend you visit the frequently asked questions-section at our homepage, the "FAQ".

The first thing I'm going to talk about are the Adventures. MilMo is set in a fantastic, ever expanding universe. The players move between different "Adventures" when exploring the MilMo Universe, and each adventure consist of several levels. Currently there are three Adventures: Summer Tide Saga, Mice & Maniax and Air World. You change Adventures by entering the Map (press "M").

Choose between the different Adventures. Which one is your favorite?

Once in map-mode the player can choose freely between the Adventures. Just press the looking glass icon. If you  are a member you have the option to collect Star Tokens at each level/island.

The Membership feature is a great way to get the most out of MilMo! Members get access to exclusive areas, a 20% discount in the Cash Shop, secret quests, one free item each month and extra gems when they defeat enemies. If you are a member you also get to collect Star Tokens at each level. There are four levels of Membership; 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and lifetime membership.

Where Star Token is picked up, a new one will spawn on that island/level after 7 days. Every Star Token is worth 1 voucher point. The vouchers created are stackable or can be traded in for items in the Cash Shop. One voucher equals one item. It is not possible to split a Silver Voucher into many Bronze Vouchers.

Members get special symbols above their heads to show they are members. There are currently 30 Star Tokens to collect each week! 

If a player collects a Star Token it will respawn after 7 days, in another hidden location on that level. If a player does not collect the Star Token, it starts to "mature", and a value of +1 is added every 21st day. A Star Token can be worth a maximum of 15 points, if it hasn't been collected for 42 weeks. After this it hits its cap and stops "maturing". To get the most out of your Star Tokens, you should collect them as soon as they appear! 

The Star Token at Kraken Island has been collected, the star bar is empty.

Star Tokens give you voucher points. In MilMo, almost all items can be bought for these vouchers. There are four kinds of vouchers: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. When you collect your first Star Token you receive a Bronze Voucher, and as you collect more of them, your voucher points keeps leveling up towards a precious Platinum Voucher.

The Bronze Voucher levels up to a Silver, then a Gold and finally a Platinum Voucher.

  • Bronze Voucher: can be used to buy any item worth up to 400 June Coins or 6 Facebook Credits. Combined: 1 voucher point.
  • Silver Voucher: can be used to buy any item worth up to 800 June Coins or 12 Facebook Credits. Combined: 5 voucher points.
  • Gold Voucher: can be used to buy any item worth up to 2000 June Coins or 30 Facebook Credits. Combined: 14 voucher points.
  • Platinum Voucher: can be used to buy any item worth up to 6000 June Coins or 90 Facebook Credits. Combined: 39 voucher points.

When you visit the Cash Shop, and browse an item there, you will find a small icon of a voucher next to the item if you are able to trade one of your vouchers for it. The game automatically picks the smallest voucher you have that will get the job done.

A small icon of a voucher will appear next to the items you are able to buy using your vouchers.

Vouchers can also be obtained by winning contests or events, held at the MilMo Forum. Speaking of items and the Cash Shop, players sometimes ask me if clothes and items they are going to buy will end up under the "clothes" tab in the bag. Yes they will, and what's more, you can take your clothes on and off as many times as you want once you bought them. The same goes for furniture. Rearrange them as many times as you want in your Home!

More info about items, vouchers, the Cash Shop, Adventures etc can be found at the unofficial MilMo wiki!

I hope this was helpful to you!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

New event: Spring Fling!

Hello players,

We give you Update 28: Spring Fling! It is time to catch bunnies and give those yellow vile birds a go! How many of the hidden Spring Fling eggs will you find? This event will be around for about one month, so be sure to get all the new medals.

Start out by talking to Fletcher at Seastar Resort. All 18 eggs are unique.

So, this is what's new:

- New monster: Yellow Vile Bird
- New medals for defeating Yellow Vile Birds
- New medals and rewards for catching bunnies
- New Spring Fling quest line
- New Cash Shop item: Bunny Nose
- New Cash Shop item: Bunny Ears
- End of Fallen Heroes event

Have fun, see you online!


P.S Did you know MilMo has it's own wiki? Click here to pay a visit!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Hello, players.

I've been thinking a lot about motivation lately. It's one of those deceptively simple matters. You know the kind. The sort of thing that ends up being very important to everything we do in life. In order to accomplish something – anything, really - the first step is to understand what you want. But wanting to do something and doing it are different things, separated by a long and rocky road. 


Whatever you choose in life, make sure it's something
that ignites your passion. Photo by Miri.

Whenever we set out to do something that takes a lot of work it is vitally important to be motivated. The task itself could be almost anything. It could be climbing a mountain, or surviving in the wilderness. Perhaps you want to become a great painter, write a good novel, or a ground breaking scientific thesis. The goal itself is up to you, the individual. Like me, I'm sure you have your own aspirations in life. My passion is to make computer games that reach out and mean something to people.

There's a phrase that I see used a lot, namely, “Execution is everything”. The corollary of that statement is, “Ideas are cheap”. From personal experience I believe both these sayings to be true. It doesn't take much to dream up awesome ideas for games, books, comics, or films. We've all done it! It feels good to do it. It can even be a little addictive. But still, coming up with ideas isn't the master skill. (The master skill regarding ideas is the ability to recognize a good idea, not dreaming one up. Think about it.) Executing on a good idea is where it's all at. A teacher of mine once said, “Art is 10 % inspiration and 90 % perspiration”. Another teacher later told me the same thing, only he claimed it was a 1/99 ratio. I never liked that idea at the time. It seemed to me that being inventive should count for more.

Drawing is a skill that takes time and dedication to develop,
but anyone can learn it if they commit themselves fully.

The more I work the more I believe my teachers were right. Rather, at this point in time I think of it like this: if you want to achieve your dreams, you can't ignore any stage in the process. You need a great idea coupled with great ability to execute that idea. You need skill, perseverance, a clear head, hard work and luck. That's the best part of working in a team. I've yet to meet an individual who combines all these qualities to the level that's needed. However, in a team you combine your personality and your skills with those of other people. If you get a working team together the sum is greater than its parts.

In a team we can afford to have many different motivations, too. One member is passionate about becoming a great writer, while another strives to become the best artist possible. Some members can be passionate about technology, while someone else is busy making sure the game reaches its audience. The cool thing is that in a team all these different ambitions are not only useful, but necessary.

This is the best part of my job as CEO. Nothing beats building a great team where people are burning with desire to create awesome things. A strong team is also a real win-win situation for its members. Why? Because most people feel good working with others toward a common goal. The occasional conflict or frustration is a small price to pay. There is a beautiful feeling in overcoming obstacles together and realizing that you and your team can do anything you set your hearts on.

That's why it's important to be passionate about the projects you embark on. For us, MilMo is the adventure of a lifetime. I love getting up in the morning because I know that awesome challenges await. Every obstacle is a chance to grow and every success is something I can share with my co-workers and shareholders.

Myself, Calle and Sara discussing MilMo at the lunch table. 
Awesome stuff in the making.

Be warned though. Being a member of a team does not take away from your personal responsibility; to be good at what you do and to solve the problems that fall under your responsibility. You'll always have challenges and sometimes no-one else can help you. Maybe you wake up with a headache. There could be a problem in your love life. Every now and then you find that you lack a vital skill and have to learn something new. At times like these, though friends may support you, you have to work the problems out yourself.

Being a professional means being highly motivated and to produce a consistent level of quality, sometimes under adverse circumstances. There are many skillful amateurs whose best work is equal to what the professionals can produce. The true mark of the pro is to be able to produce to that level even on a very bad day.

To have the strength to produce that quality you have to know that you're living the life you desire. Even on a horrible day, you should be able to stop, take a deep breath and smile because this is the life you want and there's no other place you'd rather be. When you can do that there is no stopping you. You'll be able to walk that long, rocky road of doing what you dream of doing.

All the best,


Today's post is made by Ola Holmdahl, game designer and CEO at Junebud. Ola's previous career includes teaching game design, doing game design and creating concept art. In a previous life he was a freelance artist and an academic (but not at the same time). Follow him at