Monday, April 28, 2014

Freddy - The farmer

Meet the great farmer of MilMo!

Freddy is a very satisfied man. He loves his farm and would not trade it for anything in the world. His absolute favorite crops are the pumpkins. He’s even become famous for his fantastic pumpkin pies! As soon as the wonderful smell from the pies start filling the island everyone comes running to get a piece of their own!

The only thing that makes Freddy lose his good mood is the nasty weeds that’s keep appearing in his vegetable patch. There’s not like normal weeds, they’ve came alive and is biting and destroying his precious pumpkins! So if you visit the farm some day, help him defeat some of those nasty plants and you might get one of those outstanding pumpkin pies in return!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Horace - The designer

Meet Horace, MilMos one and only designer!

Horace is working for Homes Inc where he is responsible for all the furniture, rooms and clothes in the shop. He is constantly designing new stuff and he loves to be creative. Before he started to work at Home Inc he was a fashion designer, working with models on the runway. It was fun but very stressful and he could not be as creative as he wanted to. Now, working as a designer for Home Inc he has the freedom to create whatever he like! He can go crazy and design all the things he always wanted. His motto is: “Creativity is like craziness... just go with it!”.

When you visit the shop you can see all of Horace’s designs. If you got any ideas for new exciting clothes or furniture, don’t be afraid to share! Horace loves it when you MilMonauts share your ideas. Who knows, maybe his next piece will be inspired by your idea?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Winners of the Easter competition

Hi there MilMonauts! Hope you all had a great Easter with your family eating a lot of candy! 

The time has finally come to announce the winners of the Easter fan art competition. We are very happy for all the contributions we received, a big thank you! It is really fun to see all your creativity and love for the game. 

But now, let me introduce the winners! First place goes to... DiRoss! His Easter inspired drawing with all of the beautiful details, fun idea and the effort he put into it is well worth first place! Congratulations, you will receive 10 000 June Cash!

Second place goes to... VanDiesel! We loved his colorful picture with the cute bunny ears and butterflies flying around. It makes you smile and we think that deserves second place! Congratulations, you will receive 5000 June Cash!

Third place goes to... marilda! She caught the mood of Easter in her picture, a lot of candy, happy rabbits and spending time with the people we care about. Congratulations, you will receive 2500 June Cash!

If you did not win this time, don't worry! We are planning many fun competitions ahead and there will be plenty of chances to win great prizes! 

Stay tuned and take care,
The MilMo team

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The new level - Sneak peek

Hello MilMonauts! It’s finally time to dust off the development blog!

Are you curious about the new level and how it looks? Well… here comes a few sneak peeks and some answers from the developers!

What is the difference between the new starting level and the old one?
The new level will be in a whole new world where this new island is floating high above the clouds. It will replace “The horizon” and will include a tutorial for new players. We have been working hard for the level to better represent MilMo as a whole, which we did not think the former starting level did. We hope that the new level will be more fun to play and thus get new players to experience how fantastic the world of MilMo is, right from the beginning!

Which characters are we going to meet?
First you will meet The Queen who helps you to start your journey in MilMo. Then you will meet up with a bunch of both familiar and new characters. You will for example meet Freddy the Farmer who needs your help to remove some weeds that’s came alive and now are destroying his crops! You will also help poor Oswald to find his lost wedding ring.

Is there going to be many islands in this new world or just this one?
At the moment there will only be one island in this world. We will add more levels later on and we have a lot of exciting ide├ęs for new high levels! So don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten all of you veteran MilMonauts! We love it when you send us your ideas about updates and events, please continue doing that! Send your ideas to:

Why does it take so long to create the new level in MilMo?
First of all, it takes time for a whole new development team to gain insight into a big game like MilMo. Game development takes time, there is a lot to do and you have to solve all the unexpected problems that will appear along the way.

That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks and feel even more excited to play the new level! And yes, I know what you all are going to ask, "when are you going to release it?!" My answer is... very soon!

Take care and have fun playing!