Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MilMo News!

Hello MilMonauts! 

 So what's going on in the MilMo Universe? I'm here to give you a short re-cap! 

  • MilMo BR is coming back! Junebud will make sure MilMo BR on Orkut is alive and thriving. The date for MilMo BR to be back online again is set to the 30th of September. Right now we are moving servers and preparing for the new chapter of MilMo BR. More details can be found by clicking here

Join the MilMo BR Community on Orkut!

  • New Event! Win 2 free Mystery Boxes! The brand new screen shot contest is now live at the MilMo Forum and Aeria Games

  • The new official MilMo BR Twitter can be found over here. Be sure to follow it if you prefer your MilMo news on Portuguese and play on the BR servers.  

  • The brand new MilMo BR Community on Orkut can be found over here. It's the place to be for connecting with other Portuguese speaking MilMonauts.

  • The MilMo Comic is till going strong. If you have missed out on any of the previous pages, be sure to catch up over here.  

  • The servers will be down on Thursday at 08:00-11:30 am GMT +2 the 29th of September in order to get the new update in place!

That's it for now. See you soon! Visit our homepage or follow our twitter for more news.
- The Junebud Crew

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photos from "Meet the Devs" 20/09/2011

Hello players,

This week we hosted the "Meet the Developers"-event in MilMo. The party was a success and the Junebud Crew wants to thank everyone for joining the fun. Here's some pictures from Seastar Resort where the party was held. We also selected some really cool outfits we want to share with you! Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

The welcome committee is getting ready for the big party!

Guests are starting to show up. The Junebud Crew are wearing the famous blue June hats! 

The guests are relaxing and eating ice-cream

The Crew members attending were Avatar, Wicky, Saxen8, Iwene, -Calle- and JiTe.

A lot of guests hanging out by the pool

At most we had over 80 players at Seastar Resort at the same time!

Wicky and JiTe poolside

A lot of really cool outfits were seen during these two crazy hours

The devs getting ready to say "thank you and good night"!

The cool cat!

An ancient warrior

An adventurer ready for anything!

2 cool 4 school!

A Royalty  showed up!

Beware the warrior queen! 

A royal angel from above?

A lady from the future. Or from outer space. 

Street-fighter brawler!

Yo bro! Keeping it gangsta on the beach! 

Simple and stylish.

2010 the "Meet the Devs"-event was held on Lightmill Island.

If you got any more photos from the event, share them on the forum and get a free lock box key! More info and photos over here.



Monday, September 12, 2011

Update 38: Convertible

Hello players!

Update 38: Convertible, is out! Let's take a look on what's new.

Legendary Wings! Mystery Box loot improved.

Back 2 school, time to get cool! New girly haircuts and jewelery. 

Converters. A brand new piece of technology in the world of MilMo. It converts one item into another.

Oscar at Lightmill Island now sells converters for Coins. 

Crafting. Learn how to sew and make your own clothes. 

Some clothes are now found as quest rewards.

New PVP medals for the Arena.

  • New event 'Treasure Hunt' added
  • New medal track 'Mystery Boxes' added
  • New medal track 'Lockboxes' added
  • New medal track 'Arena' added
  • New medal track 'Wealth' added
  • New quests added to Lightmill Island
  • Lightmill Island stuck bug fixed
  • Attack responsiveness improved
  • Hotkey bug fixed
  • No-Brainer boss fixed
  • Cash Shop prices adjusted 
  • Lockbox loot improved
Have fun online!