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MilMo Weapon Guide: Part 2

Hello MilMonauts,

This is the second post about the weapons found in MilMo! In part 1 I wrote about all the unique weapons found in the Lock Boxes and the Mystery Box (the glowing Legendary Weapons). Today it's all about the non-magic weapons found inside the Cash Shop!

Cash Shop Weapons
In the Cash players can find many different weapons. Some of them like the Heroic Weapons can be bought using both Coins and June Cash, and some of them are JC only. The only magic weapon that can be bought using Coins is the Celestial Sword. Critters and bosses in MilMo can take two kinds of damage, magic and non-magic.

Short Damage Guide
All critters in MilMo takes both normal and magic damage, but the feared Imagination Devourer (and the Wurmling) takes only magic damage. This means the only way to defeat the Devourer is by using a weapon that deals magic damage. If you are using a magic weapon you are able to defeat all normal enemies also, since they are sensitive to normal and magic damage.

Magic weapons often have a special glow to them and their stats say they deal a certain amount of magic damage. All weapons have stats displayed next to them so you can find your weapon of choice. There are a few magic weapons found outside of the Cash Sop, such as the Legendary and Epic weapons. Right now the MilMo Shop features about 20 different weapons. Some of them like the Cursed Scythe, the Anchor and the Icicle Sword are special weapons only available for a short period of time. Sometimes these limited edition weapons will re-appear in the shop, sometimes they will not. Right now we have a sale 40% on some of the non magic weapons. Next week we will remove some of these discounted weapons from the Cash Shop, so be sure to grab them while they are still available!

The powerful Cursed Scythe was available during the Halloween event of 2011. It was also the first weapon ever in MilMo to feature a scary smoke effect.

The Hockey Stick was released to celebrate the Halloween event of 2011.

The Anchor was a special weapon only available during the Sea Festival of 2011.

The shiny Icicle Club sold during the Winter Festival of 2011.

The Frost Blade from the Winter Fest of 2011.

Basically you can divide the Shop Weapons in to three different groups of weapons. The beginner weapons (such as the Heroic Weapons), the moderate weapons (such as the Jeweled Sword) and the magic ones (like the Flying-V Axe).

The Heroic Club, quite fast but not that powerful.

The Heroic Sword, a perfect beginner's weapon!

The Heroic Axe. Very popular thanks to its beautiful design and affordable price.

The Heroic Bow, the perfect ranged weapon for any aspiring MilMonaut!

If you prefer a more powerful weapon than any of the Heroic weapons, the Sharp Axe or the Gladiator Sword might suit you. They are faster, more powerful and deals greater amount of damage. In return they are a bit more expensive. If you are looking to level your avatar as fast as possible it's a great idea to get your hands on one of these.

There's a lot of different clubs to choose from. What about a frying pan or the Viking Hammer?

The tambourine was originally made for the Orkut players but found it's way to the EN servers as well.

If you prefer ranged weapons be sure to check out the Heroic Bow or the Light Gun. Remember that you need to use ammo to fire ranged weapons.

There's a lot of cool swords on dale right now. What about the Pirate Cutlass? The Tech Sword is a steady favorite among players.

The Jeweled Sword first showed up on a screen shot from the developers level editors and created a massive amount of questions. Everyone wanted to know how to get this classic sword.

Don't miss the Screw Sword!

The Parasol is both beautiful and deadly!

The Ornate Clever is a very popular weapon; beautiful, deadly and very MilMoish in its design!

The Baseball Bat; a really agile weapon!

As you can tell there's a weapon for every taste in MilMo. Some of them are found in-game, some in the Cash Shop and some are from events or special promotions. Next time we're going to have a look at the magic weapons found in the Cash Shop.

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MilMo on Aeria Games Closing Down

Hello players,

Unfortunately Aeria Games today announced that they will close down MilMo on the Aeria Games portal by the 8th of February. This decision only affects MilMo on Aeria Games, and not on Facebook, Orkut or the portal The original post made on Aeria Games forum can be found here.

100% of the AP spent on MilMo during the two months prior to shutdown will be returned to players. Even if you transfer your character, you will still get full refund. 

Save Your Account
Here's a guide on how to move your MilMo account to Facebook/ The migration tool can be found at

You will need an existing account on or Facebook to use this service. It's fast and free to sign up if you don't have one. Your Aeria Games MilMo account will replace the account you choose to use in this process. Click here to get to and here to get to MilMo on Facebook. 

1. When you start MilMo on Aeria Games a pop-up will tell you the game is closing down. To start the migration process, click "Yes, move my MilMo account". This will only move your MilMo account, not your Aeria Games account. You will still sign in to Aeria to play games like DDTank or Golden Age.

2. When you press "Yes, move my account" you will be moved to MilMo's official web page and the account migration tool will ask you to continue. Please read the text before pressing "Continue".

3. Choose to what portal you want to move your MilMo account; Facebook or Facebook- and use the same servers.

4. Click on "Login to Aeria Games".

5. Log in to Aeria Games.

6. Confirm the account migration.

6. You are now ready to start playing MilMo on Facebook/!

Log in to Facebook or and enjoy the game! 

If you try to play MilMo on Aeria Games after you transferred your account you will see this screen.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause our players on Aeria Games. 


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New BR Developer Blog!

Hello MilMonauts,

Let me proudly present our new Brazilian Portuguese developer blog! You can find it at for news, updates and texts written by Junebud in Portuguese. Of course thsi blog will continue existing like before! We hope you like it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

MilMo Weapon Guide, part 1

Hello MilMonauts,

Today we are starting a new blog post series about the weapons found in MilMo. We are going to cover all the weapons found in-game and in the Cash Shop. Items that can be used as a weapon, but are not intended to be used as weapons, such as the uncharged Lumirod will not be featured. First out we are going to take a look at the special weapons found in the Mystery Boxes and Lock Boxes. This includes the glowing Legendary Weapons! All boxes found in MilMo will end up in your bag under the tab "Boxes" until they are opened.

Lock Box Weapons
What's a Lock Box? A Lock Box is a mysterious box enemies and containers may drop when defeated. They come in five different colors.

Lock Boxes found in MilMo

The most common one is the the green box, followed by the blue one and then the red box. Silver boxes are rare, and the rarest of them all's the golden box. In order to open a lock box you need a lock box key. The keys can be found by collecting Exploration Tokens, doing quests or bought in the Cash Shop using Coins or June Cash.

All creatures and containers in MilMo have the ability to drop Lock Boxes

When opening a Lock Box there's a small chance of getting one of the Legendary Weapons. Legendary weapons are very powerful, beautiful and has a magic glow to them. They deal magic damage and can be used to defeat Imagination Devourers and bosses. All Lock Boxes contain loot like gems, special berries, ammunition, hats and some weapons usually only found in the Cash shop. A Lock Box features one or two randomized items. Let's take a look at the special loot found in Lock Boxes.

Like all Lock Boxes the green box might give you a mix of more common loot or furniture, hats and Cash Shop weapons. The lucky ones will find the Legendary Hammer!

The Legendary Hammer

The Legendary Hammer might have less range than the Legendary Bow, but deals more magic damage. It's perfect for close range fights and comes in handy when fighting the Nikonos Boss or the Mad Weed.

The Legendary Sword is hidden in the blue Lock Box. This sword is perfect for close fights with magical or non magical creatures. It's fast, effective and has a powerful attack.

The Legendary Sword

When opening a red Lock Box there's a chance you will get the Ornate Cleaver, the Fencing Sword, the Viking Hammer or the Sharp Axe. If you are really lucky you might get the powerful Legendary Bow.

The mighty Legendary Bow
The Legendary Bow is one of the most powerful ranged weapons ever created in MilMo, only to be matched by the Dragon Bow, the Legendary Gun and the Epic Bow. It's an excellent tool for hunting and defeating even the scariest bosses and creatures in MilMo. It's perfect if you prefer to keep your enemies at a distance rather than engaging in close combat.

Silver boxes have a small chance of spawning the Legendary Axe. The axe deals maximum magic damage but is quite heavy to wield. It's speed is also less than that off the Legendary Bow. This is a perfect weapon for defeating the knights at Hidden Tor.

The Legendary Axe
Golden Lock Boxes might contain the Legendary Gun. Its speed and range is supreme, but the magic effect and the attack is matched by that of the Legendary Bow. Aslo, in order to fire a ranged weapon like a bow or a gun you need a steady supply of arrows or cells. All bows use arrows and all guns run on cells. Cells and arrows can be found in-game or in the Cash Shop if you are tired of grinding.

The Legendary Gun
All in all there are five Legendary Weapons at the moment. The loot found in the Lock Boxes are balanced and improved with each update. They also contain a exclusive set of Legendary clothing like the crown, the glasses and the wings.

Mystery Box Weapons
Mystery Boxes are found in the Cash Shop. They contain a big mix of weapons and special furniture. Almost all items found in the Mystery Box are sold for more than 10,000 June Cash each if bought separately in the Cash Shop.

The Mystery Box

The exact content of the Mystery Box is a secret, but it features all the Legendary items and weapons, the Phoenix Wings, the Ethereal Aegis shield and even the new Dragon Bow!

The new Dragon Bow can be found inside the Mystery Box

The same goes for the exclusive Ethereal Aegis shield 

All elemental weapons are featured in the Mystery Box

We know there's a lot of different people playing MilMo. To match this we decided to implement different ways to get hold of powerful weapons. There are three strategies to get  a cool weapon;

1. Hard work
You can use the free weapons found inside the game and earn Epic weapons. This takes quite some time and requires a lot of dedication and hard work, but it's free and everyone can do it. It's possible to level up the basic sword, axe, bow and club into something extremely powerful. It takes a lot of effort, but in the end you will have a weapon strong enough to deal magic damage!

2. Lock Boxes or Mystery Boxes
Some players like to take chances and try their luck. When opening a Lock Box or a Mystery Box there's a chance you will get the Dragon Bow, the Flying V-Axe or a Legendary weapon. You need a key to open a Lock Box, but the key can be bought using free Coins. If you are really lucky the Mystery Box, worth about 8, 000 June Cash, will give you a weapon worth 100,000 June Cash!

3. The Cash Shop
Some players have been requesting the possibility to buy a powerful weapon. We decided to implement the new Dragon Bow with the ability to deal magic damage. This weapon is super exclusive and has the same stats as the Legendary Bow. Right now we don't want to make the game unbalanced by introducing weapons in the Cash Shop that's more powerful than the Legendary or Epic weapons. Since MilMo is a free to play it should be possible to obtain a powerful weapon not only by spending money, but by hard work and dedication.

Next time I will cover the weapons found in the Cash Shop!

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Monday, January 16, 2012

December 2011 Player of The Month: Lenon

Hello MilMonauts,

It's time for a new player of the Month. This time it's Lenon, who is a GM on MilMo BR. He is a dedicated player who looks out for all new MilMonauts and makes them feel welcome! He even gives some tips for those of you who want to become a GM one day!

Me (left) and Lenon (right) in my Home

Hi Lenon, congratulations on becoming player of the month! How do you feel? 

Hello Sara! Firstly I would like to thank you very much for this interview. Well, I think I feel good… although I wish so much Vanny was interviewed, who knows the next opportunity? I am a shy person. But, certainly if I am here is because a lot of players want to know about me, right? So, let’s go!

We sure want to know more about you! When did you start playing MilMo? What do you like about the game?

I started playing MilMo in February 2011, wow… when I remember that I play almost 1 year, I feel so happy! Well, I always enjoyed playing games that has an innovative proposal, that is, a new way to play; it has been what I’ve found in MilMo. It fascinates me a 3D-game where you can play within some minutes, running in your own browser, no great installations, or something like that. MilMo world really is just awesome! By the way, congratulations Junebud Crew for the imagination in creating a world completely different than we are used to see there out, that is really what held me on MilMo!

Breakfast with the other GMs

Thank you! How did you find out about MilMo?
I always played app-games on Orkut platform and, as I said previously, I was looking for a different game to play. My friend told me on MSN that he had found out an awesome 3D-game, I just said to him, unbelieving: what, are you crazy? Do you really think that we have a 3D-game on Orkut? Then he introduced me the game, and I finally believed on him hahaha!

Q4: What is your favorite thing to do in MilMo? Your favorite island? 

I like to hang out around… as I said I do not like to stand in an only place, as killing enemies for more than 40 minutes (oh, too lazy), I need to walk I need to see new faces and to help, if necessary. I like also to kill the Tor, in order to get some boxes… (Unlucky Lenon) 

As for Favorite Island… it seems so hard to choose… all islands in MilMo are amazing, we do not see often islands like in Mice & Maniax Saga, where we explore the islands as a little mouse would see them! But, I like the island: Eternal Monument, there is calm and tranquil, I like that! 

Who do you hang out with in MilMo? 

I hang out with: Vanny, Sobe, Willdoug, Sabriinna, Fl├ívinha a lot of nice friends, but generally I don’t have many opportunities to meet them often, so usually I hang out with Sobe and Vanny. Either to help or to laugh, I love hang out with them. :D 

Vanny, Sobe and Lenon.

Where do you live in real life? What's it like there? Tell us something about yourself that not many people know about!

Well, I live in a very hot country, in northeast of the Brazil. We are in the summer; this is the moment that we really suffer because of the heat, so I rarely know what means “cold”, since it practically does not exist here hahaha. About me, I work morning with people, I like this because I have the opportunity of help them, and I love to help the others. I am generally very funny, but not with everybody…, I am able to easily deal with any person; I like to help my friends, I don’t like to see anyone sad, I feel I must leave everyone happy, or at least I try to do it. In short, I am honest, humble, funny and a little shy, always willing to help who needs to. 

We are very happy to have you as a GM, helping people. What do you do when you don't play MilMo? Do you play other games? 

I love chatting :D But out of the computer usually I study English in order to improve it always, since I learned it by myself. I have a great help of my dear friend Sobe, she is very helpful and always helps me out. I like also to listen to music, (usually old music or those with meaningful lyrics, to me music are a message that the singer wish to transmit, meaningless music don’t interest to me).

Celebrating New Year on Seastar Resort.

You learned English all by yourself? Cool! Do you have any MMM? MilMo Memories that is! Something special you remember that you want to share with us? 

First, I met the beautiful and careful Vanny, I’m always speechless to describe her, she is one of the better people that I’ve met, she is really an Angel in my life and helped me out very much when I became a GM (and still help me out a lot), always friendly she did not want that bad people would harm me. 

Then, Vanny introduced me her amazing friend, Sobe. She is sooo funny, is happy and transmits to us a feeling of peacefulness and joy, you are not able to dislike of her. I really enjoy every moment with her, as in MilMo Inter as in MilMo BR. I love very much them. 

I became a GM – Game Master. Wow… I remember that day as if it was today, I really was not expecting it, because I was in the Forum just to help and to share my knowledge with everyone, but I received a message with a invitation… actually, I was not believing, I needed read more than 3 times to really believe that it was real. I felt happy, because I was sure that I had really helped a lot of people, for this reason I went called.  

Also, I finally earned my Legendary Bow (although after opening 200 red boxes)! Poor Edu, too lazy to get an Epic Bow; I was looking for a bow that I don’t need to spend a lot of time by killing enemies; and I got it! 

However, I always say to myself, my real memories are not those with material achievements, but the time that I spend with my friends, the new opportunity to meet a new face, my loud laughter when Sobe says something funny, when I meet Vanny at her home and we talk throughout the afternoon, so on… these simple things are what really makes me happy, makes me cry, makes me smile… 

The Legendary Bow!

You are a Game Master. What's it like? What do you have to say to other players who want to become a Game Master one day? 

Wow, really I am a Game Master. I feel just like I have much responsibility with the game. To me, to be a GM is not a status to brag very much about, but an opportunity that you have to help the people and to make MilMo a happy and fun place. GMs are the solution that Junebud found to make sure that the people are having a lot of fun in a safe virtual game. Well, if you want to become one day a GM, please follow these simple tips: 

1 – Make sure you are respecting and following all the rules, if you do not lead by example, what do you really want then?

2 – Be: humble, helpful and friendly. The Junebud looks for someone who does not want to use your status as a GM to be famous or something like that. 

3 – Do not worry if you think you need to have many achievements, Junebud believes this does not speak about the character of the people, but their actions in the forum, this is the way the Junebud evaluates the person, through their behavior and attitude.

Vanny and Lenon talking about being a GM.

Thank you for your time Lenon, it's been a pleasure to interview you!  
Thank you again for the interview, Sara. I hope all of you have a nice day!

That's it for now, make sure to vote for the next "Player of The Month" on the Forum. 



Monday, January 9, 2012

November 2011 Player of The Month: Dragisa

Hi MilMonauts,

Let me introduce November's Player of The Month: Dragisa! I know a lot of you are curious about this mysterious player that draws graffiti and keeps a bird named Pho on his head as a pet. Here we go! 

Me (left) and Dragisa (right) meeting in my Home.

Hello Dragisa, congratulations on becoming player of the month! I know a lot of players are curious about you. How does it feel to be November's player?
Hello there, and hello to all my friends and my 'enemies' . Well it is very exciting being the 2nd player of the month MilMo has ever had...I never get to be one of the first in almost anything! A big thanks to everybody who voted and who didn't vote me.

When did you start playing MilMo? Why did you continue play after all this time?
Hmm...well...I started playing on the 31th of December, 2010. The game opened and I was I started going everywhere like crazy...and started to kill anything I can...beware the wrath of ME! Too bad the game had so many errors and I couldn't play the game at all...for a few week. I was REALLY disappointed, but then it started working...I couldn't stop playing the game!!!

Celebration with friends at Alien Ruins!

How did you find out about MilMo?
I found out about the game while playing other games. That sign of MilMo was showing up above the games I played all the time, so I decided to enter it...

What is your favorite thing to do in MilMo?
I like hanging out with friends A LOT! When gaining medals, and a friend comes, I don't continue killing and/or chatting at the same time. I fully come with them. 
GUSH, I AM SO KIND...I THINK. I also like helping my friends and anybody in a need of a HELP-HERO. Doing new events and exploring new areas is really fun...when you are with me ofcourse. Just joking ;) Although, still not bad!

The Epic Team has a secret meeting!

Who do you hang out with in MilMo?
Before, when I was 'more' active, I hanged out with Ramaki, Anasta, Konoha, Im Ur King and some others. Now I just hang out with King. But, I hope to see the others again

Where do you live in real life? What's it like there? Tell us something weird about your country!
Amm...not much to say here. I live in Macedonia, which is located in Southern Europe. It is nice in my neighborhood because there are so many friends to play with, but you can also find lots of terrible kids that despise you, so I'd say...STAY AWAY!
My school is in my own park, so I get there in like 3-5 minutes or something. 
A silly think that happened to me once was when I had to go to a city in Southern Macedonia, (the capital Skopje that I live in is in Northern Macedonia). When we came to the city on the other side of my country, I was sleeping (so don't wake me up, because legend says on a foggy night, I will come and put rotten candy under your pillows hahaha)!
I was totally in an 'amnesia' or whatever. By that, I mean that I totally forgot that I went to a different city. When I got out of the car I was creeping out because I didn't know where I was!!! I didn't see my parents and everybody in my family cause' I was running to see what is going on. Later, I 'got my memory back' and everything continued finy.

Hanging out with friends!

What do you do when you don't play MilMo? Do you play other games? We heard you draw graffiti?
Well I do like online games, but some can get you terrible viruses, so I am always careful!
To be honest, I am not much of a graffiti guy hehe. I would be a 'hooligan' then. And those kind of kids are around :O OH NO...THEY ARE BREAKING THE DOOR...HELPPP...oh no wait, it is only a..a...amm..I don't know what it is (wow this funny business is getting ridiculous). I sometimes draw graffiti pics in different places in my neighborhood and that is like signs: I have been there. Hehe I AM DRAGISA, AND I FIGHT FOR YOU

Dragisa and the bird Pho fighting an imagination devourer

Do you have any MMM? MilMo Memories that is! Something special you remember that you want to share with us?
Hmm! I have forgotten about my MMM. Let me think for a sec. I was once in a party. Many people were there: friends, admins, moderators, game masters and others! I was actually 'lost', but mostly 'stuck' and I couldn't get out. I managed to jump on everybody's head and I got out of that jungle. Ok, fine, you got me, I used the jumping ability! I took great pics with my friends (not just at the party, but anywhere, not just that time, but anytime).
I got lots of great MMOs and most of the people know it ;D Oh here is one. One day I was with my great friend, Anasta, in Air World. I was lagging so badly. Anasta went on the invisible blocks in the sky. Because of the lag, I couldn't get to her, cause' I kept falling...Finally, I had enough so I took my fleet foot and the jump ability and 'flew' right to her. Oh, one more thing.......I MISSED! Ok, that's enough MMO for now. 

What one of Dragisa's "funny" Pikachu looked like at the time.

Thank you for your time! I hope you have a nice day!
It was awesome talking to you Sara!
That's it folks, see you next time!