Tuesday, March 27, 2012

February 2012 Player of The Month: WillDoug

Hello MilMonauts,

Sara interviewing Willdoug
Let me present the Player Of The Month: February: WillDoug! He is a Game Master on MilMo BR and a devoted MilMo player. If you want to read this interview in Brazilian Portuguese, make sure to check out our Brazilian developer blog here.

Hello Will, congratulations on becoming player of the month! How does it feel?
Hello Sara and all the players. I'm very happy because of several cool players , I was chosen to talk a little about me. I want to thank everyone for the honor they gave me.I think it's a great pleasure to be the player of the month, because people want to know about you a little better.

What is the story behind your avatar name?
The name of my avatar I chose from the reduction of my real name. When I started playing was hard to think of the name of my avatar, because at that time could not change names, so I tried to reduce my name, and with time I liked It and now I do not see myself without it in the game. 

Awesome trio of friends in Ancient Forest

Where do you live in real life, and what's it like? How are you in real life?
I live in Sobral, a city of Ceará State (Northeast of Brazil). It is a beautiful City and It is not very big, but I like to live here, because sometimes it is quiet, but can also be very busy because of the universities and factories (It is so hot and it doesn't have a beach). In my real life I am well and happy, I think when I won a lot of things I wanted, but still more to come.

The town of Sobra (Brazil) where Will lives in real life!

When playing, what do you like to do the most? Any favorite islands?
When I'm in the game I like to help players who always call me or find me on the islands, I think I'm a great observer, I like to observe the behavior of people, and comes to understand how the relations of friendship and companionship in the game. My favorite islands are all the Mice & Maniax, because they have a mystery, and I love mysteries.

Who do you hang out with in MilMo?  

I have two best friends who accompanied me from the beginning of the game and helped me at all times, they are Claire and his son TomCat. I have also met Sr.Edu, Sobe, Margel (I met him when we became GMs), and many other friends that I can not cite because the list is too large!

Hanging out with friends on Nikonos Island

What do you do when you are not online in MilMo? 
When I'm not online MilMo, I'm at university or at my part-job. Also I like reading comic books and newspapers, listen to music and also have fun with friends.

Do you have any MMM? MilMo Memories that is! Something special you remember that you want to share with us?
I have many memories of MilMo. When I got my epics weapons ,and when I met my friends. But I think what else has been marked a return of  MilMo BR was a great happiness for me and many players, I want to thank again to the Junebud. I can not forget the time I played MilMo EN, because I have many friends there too.

Will's first epic weapon!

You are one of the first GMs in MilMo BR! Tell us what you do as a GM, and what's it like? 
For me it is an honor to be GM MilMo, because I can help players, and make them feel safe and have fun, and also help Junebud keep an eye on the game, since you help us and make MilMo BR better. Being a GM is to have a great responsibility, because you have to make the players understand the rules while taking decisions on those who break them (The GMs are not always there to punish someone, but to make them understand the rules) and understand that you also have rules you must follow. 

With friends in Air World

Thanks for the interview Will, we hope to see you in-game!


The community team at Junebud Ivan & Sara

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Invite Your Friends!

Hello MilMonauts,

We finally launched the new, improved Invite-Your-Friends-System last week on the 7th of March, along with the 47th Update. The update itself featured new offhand weapons, the Fallen Heroes event, a 50% sale on Sun Parade items and new loot for Lock Boxes. The invite system is now live on Orkut and Facebook (both BR and EN). The Junebud Crew are still working hard to implement this for milmogame.com. For now it's only possible to invite your friends by e-mail on milmogame.com, and unfortunately that old system does not give you access to the new Sanctuary level or to the invite reward items. Here's a quick explanation of the improved invite system:

1. The invite system shows up when you log on to MilMo.

When you log on to MilMo the invite track appears. Click "Invite Friends" and follow the instructions on Facebook/Orkut. You can easily see how many friends you invited, and how many actually accepted the invitation. There's different rewards for sent invitations and accepted invitations. If you invite 300 persons you get a free Heliticket, and if you get 300 players to start playing the game you receive the Safir bow. But don't worry, there's plenty of cool rewards along the way!

The new chat room "The Sanctuary"
Attached to the invite system we have the new chat room called "The Sanctuary". Some of you might remember the tutorial level "The Brink" from when you started playing MilMo. It seems like the new chat level is located somewhere in this space, beyond space and time, where the Queen of MilMo is living.

Get 50 players to play the game and you get the mighty Safir Sword!
 The new Safir suit comes in 9 parts. The first one are the shoes, then the pants, the shield, the suit, the helmet, the sword and the bow. If you get 20 players to start playing the game you get to meet the Queen inside the Sanctuary and you get a golden throne for your home at 150 new players. But what's most remarkable is that you actually get your avatar name listen in-game in MilMo when you get the golden throne!

Get your avatar name written on a crystal in-game for everyone to see!

 The avatar name will be displayed on the crystal outside the Sanctuary for all other MilMonauts to see. This is a totally new feature and one of it's kind in MilMo!

Inside "The Sanctuary"

Finish the quest given by the Crystal to get the gloves

The Safir bow, extremely powerful and even deals magic damage!

That's it for now. Remember to check out our new MilMo BR Facebook page and the new BR YouTube channel! We are making small sneak peaks of upcoming features and launching them on YouTube, so be sure not to miss anything!

- Sara &Ivan

P.S If you prefere to read this in BR-PT, check out or Brazilian developer blog!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Avatars From Meet the Devlopers On MilMo BR!

Hello MilMonauts,

Last week we had a pretty awesome Meet the Developers Event on MilMo BR (1st of March 2012). If you prefer to read this post in BR-PT please visit our Brazilian developer blog. Plenty of players grabbed their best outfits and traveled to Seastar Resort in order to have fun and celebrate the Sun Parade! We have chosen some of the coolest outfits we could spot, and given them a free Lock Box key! Here are the winning costumes:


Slash, dow², Chico Mak, Ozwell and Vanny

ReGiggi, Liebe, Gutho and Slash again

ead, Mestre Ninja, carlão and DUW

 cococococo, Banabab, Kadinos and kid

íthala, BiLLY KiD, HATCHET and caorti

MEGALuAzinHo, Dese, Selit, marilda and max tiler

Tipi, Piitchula, allina and Sosiv

Luzza, MILEID, Yukki and Alyell

Jeffers0n, Fláfesi, Vaguitzz, Fova and Mony Mimi

If you find you avatar's name misspelled please let us know as soon as possible so we can give the Lock Box key. You can contact us by posting a comment in this blog. Next post it's time to show the second batch of screen shots from the event!


Ivan & Sara

Thursday, March 1, 2012

January 2012 Player of The Month: Vanny

Vanny (with the beautiful wings) and Sara!

A new month has passed, and a new player has been voted "the player of the month" on the EN forum! The winner this time is someone you probably already know about: Vanny! She plays on MilMo BR and sometimes visits the MilMo EN. She is a Game Master and long time MilMo player! If you rather read this in Brazilian-Portuguese, click here.

Vanny (with the bat wings), me (with the goggles) at Seastar

Hello Vanny, congratulations on becoming player of the month! How does it feel? 

 Thank you Sara. It's a pleasure to me be the player of the month. I feel very honored to be chosen because I know that we have very awesome players that could be interviewed before me. New players are coming and showing great attitude for help the players in MilMo, then, I only could think in some good names to be here. But i need also to say thank you to some players, those that are very curious about the shy-girl Vanny :)

When did you start playing MilMo? Why did you stay?
I did start play around February, 2011. At first I was very sad because my game always crashed on Rose island and after some attempts, I just stop to play. But when April comes, I tried again to play and my game was working fine :) Since this moment i could discover really what is play MilMo. Exactly when I discover that, I didn't stop to play. Every times and every days looking forward to discover more and get more things in-game. And don't forgetting about some friends, they are also my reason to play " my " amazing MilMo.

At the Eternal Monument with friends!

I've noticed you are online on quite strange times, don't you ever sleep?

Hahaha! I knew you and some players are  curious about it :) Well, I have my own business and I stay sometimes in my office or home. So, where I am, I want to enjoy this time to play and help also on forum and community. But I don't have such time, then i need to stay connected on my PC, laptop or smartphone ( to help on BR forum or Orkut community ). And when we have a own business, we don't have so much time to sleep, and I use this time to play, when I am " free ".

The Hidden Tor

When playing, what do you like to do the most? Any favorite islands?

Definitely I am a person who like to talk a lot. With this, I just like to talk with friends, meet new people ( despite be shy ) and I like so much to help players when they need. If they need to solve some issues ( that I can handle ) and need help in general, like quests or tokens. My favorite island is Hidden Tor :) I love this place.

Who do you hang out with in MilMo?
I have 5 musketeers :P Persons that I'm really learning to love everyday of my real or in-game life. I'm used to hang out with Sobe, Sr.Edu, Sosiv, Kid and my new friend Alianore :) They are here <3, close to my heart and I'm grateful to have all of them on my side.

Where do you live in real life? What's it like there? Do you have any hidden talents?

Vanny is quite a painter!

I live in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. The most beautiful city of the world ( at least for me ). My city is known as the " wonderful city " because she has beautiful natural places like beaches and mountains. We have really a lot of beaches wherever you go. We have a such biggest Carnival also, that is happening these days here :) Talents? Hmmmm, let me think :) Maybe it's hard to say " talent ", but i have some things that I want to do here: I like to paint some pictures with oil tint. They aren't so beautiful, but are my time to relax and let me be inspired by the things around me. This one I made based on MilMo " The way from to cozyville to Ancient forest ". ( don't laugh guys ).

What do you do when you are not online in MilMo?
A sunny beach in Brazil!
Sincerely, these last times I'm not having so much time to have fun without MilMo. But i like to enjoy my friends, family, dogs and enjoy my beach :) Yeah, I like so much to have time to stay on beach and relax, principally now that is summer here in Brazil. I just love it! 

WOW what a beach! In Sweden it's cold and snowy at the moment. Do you have any MMM? MilMo Memories that is! Something special you remember that you want to share with us?

Yes, and I cannot forget about it. It was when we know that " MilMo BR will be closed down " and I came to MilMo EN to play. I was so sad when i was trying to invite the BR players to play the English version. Not because to play the EN version, but about the news of the end of MilMo BR. However, I could see persons that already know me, and i didn't know, because they did see me there on EN forum :) At this point, I could see me on a familiar place, with new friends and trustworthy persons. The sun always will shine on the morning, always :)

Sobe and Vanny in Vanny's Home
You are one of the first GMs in MilMo BR! Tell us what you do as a GM, and what's it like?
Yes, and it's a pleasure for me being a GM for MilMo. Sometimes I need to share my time to play in both servers. But i handle this with a such happiness and grateful that I have no words to say how I'm feeling to have a opportunity to help the players as possible. Like i said above, I am a shy person but I have a strong personality. For me rules are rules and fun is fun. As GM, I'm trying to check if the game rules of the terms of use are being followed. I need to handle with different situations and different persons that handle with you with different behavior also. I like also to check if we have some little " bugs " in-game and send these things to Junebud :) Yeah, seems to be a lot of things, but when you do what you love, the things are like a fresh wind on your face :)

Thank you for the interview Vanny, it's always a pleasure to talk with you!

If you want to nominate of vote for the next "player of the month" click here.


EN Community Manager Sara and BR Community Manager Ivan