Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Official MilMo Trailer of 2011

Hello all MilMonauts,

The new MilMo trailer of 2011 has finally hit the Internet! We have made one version in English and one in Brazilian-Portuguese. Help us spread the word :D

Official MilMo Trailer of 2011 in English

And in Brazilian-Portuguese!

Speaking about MilMo videos, here's a fan made one!




Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday MilMo!

Hi MilMonauts,

This is how we celebrate MilMo. How do YOU celebrate?

Almost 2 years ago, back in 2010, MilMo was released into closed beta on Then one year ago MilMo BR went live on Orkut. To celebrate this we are giving you a huge birthday discount for 48 hours. The sale starts on Monday the 21st of November and ends on Tuesday morning the 23rd of November at 10:30 am GMT +1. What about a 90% discount? This is the biggest Shop discount in the history of MilMo! It's time to get that Lifetime Membershop, those Mystery Boxes or why not a Flying V-Axe..!

Thank you all wonderful players for staying with us this long! We <3 you! 

- The Junebud Crew

Monday, November 14, 2011

October Player of The Month: Sobe

Hello, MilMonauts

In order to get to know some of our fantastic players we are choosing a "player of the month" every month, starting last month. First out is Sobe! Sobe has been playing MilMo for quite a while and is a well known face among MilMonuats. She is always there to help and share her wicked humor! Let's get down to business, here is my interview with her from last week!

Sobe is telling me all her fantastic stories!

Me: So, congratulations, Sobe. You are the player of the month: October. How does it feel? 
Sobe: Thanks for the well wishes. I was totally speechless when I was notified that I am the Player of the Mont.

M: When did you start playing MilMo? How did you find out about the game? 
S: Let me see....... when did i start playing......... Well, I started playing Milmo sometime in September/October 2010 (Wow..... such a long time ago.........). I actually came across Milmo from a Face Book advertisement. I was kind of bored with the normal 2D games on FB, and also those online fighting games.

Sobe and her son, playing MilMo together.

M: Obviously you have been playing MilMo for quite a while now. What is it that makes you play? Why do you come back?
S: During the initial stage, the superb graphics and quests really had me coming back for more (unlike the standard FB games.......... hahahahahhaa). I had loads of fun, enjoying the scenery and the wonderful quests. But being alone became a bit boring....... I mean, how much can you talk to an NPC? And then, in early November, I met Ephy and Diegralisk in Cozyville. They were so nice that they invited me to join them for a cup of coffee.......... I really enjoyed talking to real people, even though i don't really see them. They also helped me with my Exploration Tokens and some quests also. I guess one thing led to another......and the rest (as they say) was history. We even called ourselves the Three Musketeers. Well, it was my fellow Musketeers that kept me coming back to Milmo for more........ and more............. 

Sobe hanging out with her friends in Cozyville.

Me: Do you have any special MMM (MilMo Memory) you want to share with us?
S: Special MMMs? I have too many!!!!!!!!! My first MMM was my first encounter with the Legendary Gielo, who was then a Game Master as well as Forum Master. He was so nice to me, even though i just newly joined Milmo. He even took the time to show me where an Exploration Token was.
My second MMM was meeting with Ephy and Diegralisk in Cozyville, and of us becoming the Three Musketeers...... (ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR EPHY AND SOBE). There are more of those moments. Moments of meeting really nice people, making new friends and getting to know them. Doing coin runs with friends and seeing who was fastest....... Getting the achievements. Earning my first Epic weapon (Sword), 1 year after I started Milmo.......... Oh, and so many many more.

The 3 musketeers getting ready to rock The Kitchen!

Me: Who are you in real life? What country do you live in?
S: My real life is the opposite of my Milmo life!!!!! I am just a humble office worker, handling some figures for my bosses. Nothing much exciting happens there, unless the internet connection breaks down......... Then the whole office goes on a panic.
I am staying in the Central City of Kuala Lumpur in the country of Malaysia......... But have easy access to beaches and a few beautiful islands which are perfect for diving (Sara, do you wanna come over for a dive, maybe be my dive buddy?)

Game Masters hanging out by the pool!

 M: Diving buddy? I would love to! Are there many Malaysians playing MilMo?
S: Currently there are a few Malaysians that i know of that are playing Milmo. Ephy, DJ Blen, haster, HELLO GUY. There could be others out there and i would love to meet them..... :)....... Malaysians, apa khabar? (how are you?) Semoga kita dapat berjumpa di Milmo...... (Hope we can meet in Milmo).

M:  Tell us something about yourself not many people would know?
S: Wow Sara.... this is a tough question.

Fears : That i would get too old for Milmo. I even feel too old now....... most avatars are very young teens, with their own languages.... I cant even keep up with them...... Maybe the developers could design a rocking chair for me. Then I could sit there and tell the younger avatars about the good old days........ Hahahahahah

Hopes : That i would have a constant protector in Milmo :D........ Maybe a lion for a pet? (Sara, do you think you could get me one?)

Hidden Talent: I think that i have a talent of reflecting the personality of the person I am talking to, back at them. For example, with the more fun loving avatars, i am as "crazy" as they are....... For the more sedate avatars, I am as sedate as them........... 

Sobe and Diegralisk at Nikonos.

M: I would love to have a lion as a pet! What are your favorite island, item and NPC in MilMo? Why?
S: Favourite Island : LIGHTMILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is where all the new players come to. I have met many interesting avatars there :D. I had a lot of wonderful time getting to know them ....... and teasing them also.
Favourite item : TELEPODSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS......... They help me to get far away islands quickly......... Poor Sobe, she wants to get to different islands as quickly as possible, very impatient..........Hahahahahah
Favourite NPC : Cute little Snipper the crab ............. That crab is found in a few islands, and Snipper's quest gave me my first ability...... Swim ability :D

Those who know Sobe knows she is a great listener!

M: Thank you Sobe! It's been a pleasure talking with you. I am sure a lot of players appreciate the awesome screen shots you are sharing with us for this interview. 
S: Thank you Sara for the interview. Always a pleasure to meet with you. 

Sara is the Community Manager at Junebud. She also works with metrics and social media. She's got a bachelor's degree in game design. She usually spends her time moderating the forum, testing the game and planning new events.