Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nordic Game Conference 2011

Hello dear players,

You might wonder what we have been up to since we last gave you a blog post? Let me jump right in and share with you! During the 10th - 12th of May Junebud visited the Nordic Game Conference. Or more specifically it was me, our CEO Ola and our project leader Irene who went there. The NGC is held each year in Malmö, the same city Junebud is located in. It's so sweet to go home and sleep in your own bed when the lectures and the party is over. No uncomfortable hotel beds ;)

Indie Game Night at the NGC. Indie game makers got to present their games to the crowd. "Vikings on Trampolines" won the Nordic Indie Sensation Award!

The NCG is an excellent opportunity to meet and greet with the new indie talent from the Nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland). It's also a chance to get to speak to the big guys at Massive, DICE, CCP and other well known gaming companies.

The crew behind ”Amnesia -The Dark Descendent” attended NGC. Have you played it? It's one of the scariest games around. Ever.

Here's me with the Bloodline Champions reps: CEO Tau and graphic artist Srdan

As usual my job was to take notes during sessions, and to be sure we got as much information as possible back to the office. A whole bunch of  classmates from my old game development school, the University of Skövde, were visiting NCG. It's so exciting to see what they're all up to nowadays. Some of them have founded their own game companies, like Stunlock Studios, makers of "Bloodline Champions", or Marklund Games who won a British Academy of Film and Television Arts for their game "Twang". Others are working at DICE or Mojang.

The makers of "Angry Birds", Rovio, attended the party!

As usual, the creators of the 3D program "Maya", Autodesk, sponsored all of us game developers with energy drinks.

Different color badges according to your type of conference pass. Apparently, I was a "delegate". 

Jocce Marklund of Marklund Games with his game "Solve It". They won the Dare to Be Digital 2010 with "Twang".

Ex class mate Magnus Söderberg and his company Triolith have made a game called "Wisp" for the Android market.

Me and Annette Nielsen, team member of Twang and talented freelance artist

Ola at the award dinner. Later that night the Swedish electro band ”Familjen” gave a concert!

What's more, Vlad Micu, the producer of the game called "Snobli Run", visited the Junebuds headquarters. He gave me, Ola and Calle some media traing. I hope I know how to behave in front of a camera now. It was really scary and so much fun to learn all the do's and dont's when someone gives you a mic and puts a camera in front of your face. This is something Ola and Calle are far more experienced with since their days of making World in Conflict and Battlefield 1942. Practice makes perfect, I hope!

Trying to get my head around things as Vlad is instructing me

Ola in front of the camera. The Junebud headquarters are located near the harbor in Malmö.

As for MilMo, we have been working hard to deliver next update. Hopefully we are able to give it to you during the next couple of weeks. There will be a lot of cool stuff, like diver helms, a shark fin and new levels. I can't tell you too much abut this at the moment. But those of you who are curious abut the mystical Prawn King got something to look forward to!

New outfits coming up!

That's it for now, see you online!



Sara is the Community Manager at Junebud. She also works with Quality Assurance (QA) and scripting. She's got a bachelor's degree in game design, but likes the social part better than tweaking numbers. She usually spends her time moderating the forum, testing the game and planning new events. Twitter: twitter.com/saxen8


  1. really really curious about the upcoming update! I'm looking forward for these outfits. And great post about the conference, seems big!

  2. I want those Autodesk energy drinks! D:

  3. Hi Key and bobo,

    The conference is pretty big :) Kinda scary to drink the energy drink, you have no idea what it really contains, but tastes like Red Bull : P