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April 2012 Player of The Month: Junior Dark

Junebud's community manager Sara (ColdFace) interviewing Junior Dark

April's Player of the month is the MilMo veteran & GM Junior Dark! He's been active for quite some time on the BR servers and also runs a popular YouTube channel where he posts videos of computer games. Junebud's community manager Sara gives you the whole interview! If you prefer to read it in Brazilian-Portuguese, head over to our BR developer blog!

Hi Junior dark, Congratulations on becoming a player of the month! How do you feel?
Hello Sara and all MilMonauts, I'm very glad they want to know a little about this kid ;) I'm kinda timid :P, is an honor, thanks to everyone who voted for me xD.

Photo from the "Meet the Developers" event!

How long have you played Milmo? How did you find the game?
I have been playing since December 2010. I played a social game on Orkut, then ads of MilMo began to be displayed above the game, and the announcement of the first 3D game on Orkut. I had never played a 3D game on Orkut, so I signed up and after one week I received my access key and then started to play :).

Where do you live in real life, and what is it like? How are you in real life?
I live in Curitiba, that's he capital of ParanĂ¡, located in southern Brazil.
This is known as the ecological capital, even if it is an urban center, you will find hundreds of green parks for relaxing in the weekend, I really love it. In real life I am well and happy with my work and faculty.

A beautiful park in Junior Dark's home town Curitiba!

When you play, what would you like to do? Do you have any favorite islands?
When I'm in the game I like doing quests (if any) because I really like the story of the game and when there's no more quests to do I like staying on the islands in search of coins or just watching other players.
My favorite islands are Nikonos Island, Rose Island and the whole Air Word Saga, haha, I like these because they are islands that bring harmony to me.

On Nikonos Island!

Who do you hang out with in MilMo, or you play mostly by yourself?
I play most of the time alone, but when I meet friends, I play with Kowalski and Vanny.
In the beginning I had a very nice friend named Jarilene.

Junior, Vanny and Kowalski playing together!

Junior and Jarilene having a good time!

 Tell me about your YouTube channel!
I created it to post videos of the gameplay in Milmo. My project was to make videos about how to get the Exploration Tokens, events and play music, but then I run out of time to play :( But I soon plan to return to this project, so stay tuned ;)

Do you have any MMM? MilMo Memories that it is! Something special that you remember that you want to share with us?
I have many memories of MilMo! Like when I won the medal "Lord of War" and when I met my friends on the EN server! The most striking to me and surely for many was the return of MilMo BR, thank Junebud <3.

There were a lot of sad faces last year when Mentez removed MilMo BR

Awww, we are so happy we could bring back the game for you! You're a Game Master (GM) in MilMo. What is it like for you? Tell us! (Read more about how to become a GM here).
It is an honor and a great responsibility! To help players and make sure they are safe online! I like to see Milmo as a place of fun, friendship, respect and love of the neighbor.

As a GM you have to deal with different situations and different people with many different behaviors. The hardest part is having to report a player for violating the rules of the game, but is a necessary part of being a GM.

Being a GM is a job that will occupy most of the GM's playing time, if you love to do this you will be handled well. All GMs are giving their best to keep MilMo a safe and fun game to play, if we all unite we will have a great game.

Thank you for the interview Junior Dark! It's been a pleasure!
Thank you Junebud, see you around!

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- The Junebud Crew

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