Friday, May 9, 2014

Kiera - The factotum

Meet Kiera, the factotum of MilMo!

When you first land on Cloud island Kiera is there to welcome you. She gives you a big smile and shows you where to go next. Her job includes to help all the new MilMonauts to get started, but she also does a lot more than that! You can say she’s MilMos factotum, with many different tasks and responsibilities. She travels between the islands and the capital to forward messages, she’s watering flowers, she works extra in the shops around MilMo and yeah… the list could go on forever!

Even if Kiera often has a lot to do, she loves to take some time off to dance a little. Dancing is her passion and she’s very talented! She won several dance competitions when she was a teenager but now she just dances for fun. So if you feel like dancing some time, go to Kiera and she will show you some great moves!

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