Friday, May 16, 2014

Wilma - The scientist

Meet Wilma, the scientist!

Wilma is a really cool chick with a BIG pink bang. She loves her job as a scientist, especially when she’s working with all kinds of experiments. One time she even tried to make a potion that would make you walk on water, but unfortunately it was no success. But with her stubborn mind,  things often turn out the way she wants in the end. So maybe she gives the “water-walking-potion” another try some day!

If  you want to meet Wilma, she stays on Cloud island where she’s experimenting with some brewing potions at the moment. By using the Rocket berries from the trees, she hopes to make jumping potions which will make you jump at least twice as high as normal! If you help her gather some of those berries later, you might get a potion in return!

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