Friday, May 2, 2014

Rhonda - The protector of nature

Meet Rhonda!

Rhonda was born and raised in the capital. She lived there for many years but when the city became more and more crowded, she decided to move. She found Cloud island and fell in love with the nature, so she stayed. She has always been an outdoor person and most of her time she is sitting under the Rocketberry trees, enjoying the wonderful smell from the berries. Sometimes she even makes a bonfire to get real cozy! But in care for the nature, she would never leave the fire unattended or litter in any way. She’s made it her mission to protect the nature and make sure that everyone keeps the island clean and beautiful, as it should be.

When you visit Cloud island you can recognize Rhonda by the fact that she always wears something blue. Right now she is wearing a blue headband and her blue backpack. She loves the color and could talk about the different color-tones for hours if someones interested. So if you like to make Rhonda happy, wear something blue!

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